Specialised Industrial Services


Hydrojetting High pressure /Ultra High Pressure

Hydrojetting also known as water jetting is the process of using high and ultra-high pressure water to clean open and enclosed areas (even areas that are difficult to access). Using water pressure from 5,000 Psi to 20,000 Psi, these techniques have been used in practically every industry where cleaning and descaling is required.



Rotomole Hose Devices System / Rotomole Cleaning for Pipeline Cleaning (upto 72 inch Diameter)

The Rotating Hose Device System operates by rotating the entire length of high pressure hose. The pipe cleaning system is extensively used for pre erection / pre commissioning cleaning of large diameter pipe lines in refineries / petrochemical gas distribution centres.

The Rotating Hose Device System / Rotomole Cleaning System is a revolutionary internal pipe cleaning system with specifically designed cleaning Nozzles. The device rotates the specially designed hoses against the pipe wall as it passes through the pipe to improve cleaning.

Hydrojetting Services for Heat Exchangers / Condenser Tube

Jet Power focus is to restore and maintain maximum operating efficiency for every condenser and heat exchanger. We have the Experience required to review your particular Conditions and employ the appropriate cleaning technique for every applications. Given the job parameters, we successfully implement high pressure water jetting. Proper assessment of the conditions affecting each plant is crucial in choosing the correct course of action. We work closely with our clients to offer a comprehensive cleaning solution, taking into account tube base metal compositions, base metal conditions, corrosion, control, fouling agent, scale composition, cleaning window, safety and environmental concerns.

Catalyst Handling Services:

Catalyst Handling is critical in terms of safety and expertise. Jet Power has the competent team as well as the state-of-the-art equipment to serve the demanding petrochemical market. The equipment pool includes continuous unloading, dry vacuum dust collection, recycling and screening units. We are also able to perform work under inert conditions using specialized breathing equipment. Our trained and competent supervisors and technicians will ensure safe catalyst handling projects.

Quick Flush

Our Quick Flush high velocity pipe flushing will effectively flush piping, no matter what the diameter, length or change in direction. This system flusher piping using less liquid, minimal temporary piping and no circulation pumps.

The Quick Flush method generates a 20 foot brothed slug of liquid which is propelled at high velocity through the pipe by a gas. Travelling at 50 to 80 feet per second, the slug has the force to remove debris and loose scale safety and effectively. Each application of this technique is engineered to generate reynold numbers and frauds numbers sufficient to lift debris from pipe walls and transport the debris from the piping system.

Pneumatic pipe line pigging:

Pneumatic pigging or Swabbing is the method of cleaning the inside of a pipeline by insertion of bullet shaped polypigs or swabs into the pipe line system. Pneumatic pressure pushes the pig through the pipe line while it cleans the pipe and removes debris. To swab or pig water mains successfully depends on the size and type of pig used and the method of execution.

Our methodology of execution is similar to that of air scouring although they are completely different operations. The pneumatic pigging of pipe lines are very successful in the time of commissioning of plants, heater coils etc., Jet Power Rotomol Services has a team of expert pigging tTechnicians.

Bolt Tensioning / Torque Tightening:

A bolt and nut are designed to act together as the internal threaded fastener (nut) is tightened on to the externally threaded fastener (bolt). The bolt is forced to stretch and elongate. This stretching/elongation is maintained by the head of the bolt and the nut on the joint thereby maintaining the joins at the desired tension (bolt tensioning) As a rule, the joint will have been designed with sufficient fasteners to apply the required clamp load at 65% of the fastener proof load stress figure i.e., well below the fastener’s yield point.

Bundle Pulling Services:

The use of a heat-exchanger extractor or bundle puller chemes careful treatment of the equipment as well as the achievement of a very efficient work process.
The bundle puller pulls at a maximum power of 50 tons sufficient to extract almost any tube bundle safely. With the normal installation of the extractor, tube bundle with diameters up to 2 meters can be handled. The use of extractor or puller also ensures another very important factor, namely a high level of safety with the manual method of using raw human energy and some type of power driven tool. The brief shut down periods of refineries mean that efficient work processes with puller combined with efficient planning are the key to successful completion of assignments.
At Jet Power we can supply sufficient numbers of bundle puller operators required by the customers on round the clock basis.